Designing your professional life: an introduction to the Stanford design approach


(Der Workshop kann auch in deutscher Sprache angeboten werden)


Designing Your Life the most popular class at Stanford University. Created by Prof. Bill Burnett and Prof. Dave Evans to address the fundamental questions they hear in their office hours. They have taught the course for more than nine years to undergraduate, Masters students and doctoral candidates respectively. Now they opened up the curriculum to everyone. The workshop

  •  addresses the wicked problems of your life and especially your career
  • offers a framework, tools, ideas an introduction to design thinking
  •  uses readings, reflections and exercises
  • helps creating five-year Odyssey Plans focusing on taking action

Qualification objective


Design thinking helps doctoral candidates from any discipline develop a constructive and effective approach to finding and actively designing their vocation after completing their doctorate.


Rüdiger Schmidt

Rüdiger Schmidt studied mechanical engineering, organic agriculture and environmental sciences. He helped building the study programmes Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve where he still is committed as lecturer.